The Commission on Stewardship and Finance shall promote and cultivate Christian stewardship and administer the financial program of the church. 

1.     Rev. Dr. Miriam J. Burnett, Chairperson

2.     Sis. Cherie DeBrest, Treasurer

3.     Sis. Paula Cabrera, Financial Secretary

4.     Bro. Kevin Lamb, Board of Stewards Pro-Tem

5.     Sis. Valorie Pearson, Board of Trustees Pro-Tem

6.     Sis. Ernestine Butler, Steward

7.     Sis. Marilynn Burke, Steward

8.     Sis. Janel Washington, Trustee

9.     Sis. Jeanette Honor, Steward

10. Sis. Naomi Bryce, Layperson

11. Bro. John Griswold, Layperson